Wooden toys from Little Latitude

I got a chance to click photos of wooden toys made by Vinay Diddee and available at the Little Latitude online store. I visited Vinya’s studio in East Bangalore along with the author of My Red Palette. Interacting with the creator of Little Latitude’s products was very interesting because of the insight Vinay had into children’s toys and play activities. The studio itself is a great place, very open, airy and in quiet location. The wooden toys use elements of Chanapatna artwork. To see how Chanapatna toys are made, visit my personal website: http://pixelshooter.net/photo-features/toy-making-at-channapatna/

Here are the photo of the wooden toys from Little Latitude:

3 tractor - wooden indian toys wooden camera - wooden indian toys alarm clock - wooden indian toys puzzle - wooden indian toys puzzle - wooden indian toys Little_Latitude-7

I really loved the little wooden camera! Which is your favourite toy?

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