How I created this HDR image of the Qutub Minar

In this brief tutorial, I’ll outline the post processing steps I employed on an image I shot in Delhi recently.

Before I get into the steps, let me answer the question – why HDR? The primary goal of an HDR image is to show a dynamic range greater than what can be captured by a camera sensor under normal circumstances. This means, to show a tonal range of beyond 5 stops. Even though I reached the Qutub early in the morning, it was 10 am by the time I started shooting.  Sunny mornings generally present challenges to the camera sensor. I used a 5D Mark III, whose dynamic range I am not at all pleased with. I loved the scene here – yellow/green lawn and the majestic Qutub MInar against a blue sky. I really wanted to do justice to what I was seeing in front of me, so I decided to shoot a HDR.

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