Custom made Internal Camera Unit

If you have read my Clik Elite post, you are probably aware that I prefer sturdy camera backpacks that balance load ergonomically. The Clik Elite met my requirements in that area, but fell short in others. One of the greatest shortcomings was the lack of a laptop unit. I also own a Kata Bumblebee PL-220 which carries every single lens and accessory I own, including a laptop. This is a great backpack for use within the city, and when I am moving around in a car. It falls short for hikes and travel because it does not carry load very well.

The internet introduced me to the F-stop series of bags. I was initially not very sold on the idea of a bag inside a backpack. If you have not heard of the F-stop mountain series, I suggest you start by watching this video:

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Print Your Photos!

Photography is a wildly popular hobby in today’s times. Digital has helped make instant gratification a habit. SLR or point n’ shoot – viewing the LCD at the back of the camera screen is something we have all gotten used to. This is the first level of satisfaction – and generally comes after we go through the creative process of composing and exposing the frame. And then, after releasing the images from the confines of the memory card, we share them over the internet with friends and family. Comments via social networking sites and email make us happy until the next time we pick up the camera. Unfortunately, there ends the life cycle of most photographs.

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