Pratap mentoring students in Melkote

Pratap mentoring students in Melkote

Mentorship Experience

I mentor, or associate myself with mentors in many genres of photography. My expertise lies in:

  • Simplifying photography to beginners. Going beyond the camera manual, and teaching concepts in the field.
  • Imparting post-processing skills required to take an image from the memory card to print/web output.
  • Teaching specific post-processing techniques such as HDR processing.
  • Leading groups in the field to teach the nuances of landscape, street, macro and architecture photography.
  • Leading day trips to nearby places for beginners and advanced amateurs to practice their skills, and providing critical, unbiased feedback.
  • Consultation on how to make high-quality, archival-grade, gallery worthy prints.

Hire Me!

I can help you improve your photography in the following ways:

One-on-one Field Trips

Don’t fancy sitting in a classroom? Want to get your hands dirty? Didn’t read your camera manual? No problem. Pick a day of the week, and set aside time. Anywhere from three hours to half a day is ideal. Come alone, or bring a group of people (limit to four). I can offer you tips, tricks, and also answer your most basic questions without you ever having to raise your hand!

Rates: Rs 1000/- per person for three hours at a chosen location within Bangalore. Places like Lalbagh or JP Park in Mathikere work best. Bring one more person, and pay only 1500. Add 500 for every additional person. Groups are limited to four. This is YOUR class, so YOU decide the agenda!

Classroom Workshops

I can conduct one, or two day workshops in my areas of expertise. I can assist you if you are leading classroom workshops on any photography topic. This option is great if you are looking to engage me for your local photography club and the likes. Contact me for pricing.

Photography Day Trips

Don’t have time for a long vacation? New to Bangalore? A tourist, looking to take back memories? Organizing a trip for a bunch of photography enthusiasts? Bangalore has great options for day-trips. Within 16 hours, you have options to shoot nature, people, architecture and wildlife. I can provide valuable photography mentorship so you can learn on-the-go. Contact me for pricing.